July 13, 2024

West Usk Lighthouse

Newport, Gwent


The West Usk Lighthouse is a cosy bed and breakfast situated near the City of Newport, Gwent, at the junction of the Severn and the Usk Estuaries, overlooking the Bristol Channel; now also a small wedding venue for up to 23 guests.

Built in 1821, it is unique among lighthouses. All the accommodation is within the building.It is quirky and comfortable rather than luxurious. The West Usk Lighthouse was designed as a first venture by Scottish architect, James Walker, who went on to build another 21 lighthouses. All rooms are wedge-shaped; there is a stone spiral staircase in the centre, right above a collecting well, which is now our wishing well! The entrance hall is slate bedded and we have a Dalek at the bottom of the stairs and a Tardis and a hot tub on the roof! The Dr Who Exhibition in Cardiff is worth a visit for those who love Dr Who.


Room Rate Guide:

Waterbed: �160

4-poster bed: �150

Cabin Room: �145

Standard or Family Room: �160 for 2, �175 for 2 + 2 children

Single from �85.00 - �110.00 per night


General Details

The lighthouse is only two hours' drive from London, is situated between Newport and Cardiff, overlooking both The Usk and the Severn Estuaries and The Bristol Channel. We bought it when it was semi-derelict in 1987. The lantern room was restored in 1997 with a grant from the Wales Tourist Board and CADW. The lighthouse is now a grade II listed building. and is over 180 years old. As it is exposed to the elements, the restoration work is never finished.

We are really fortunate to live in this unique property. The tides come rushing in twice a day, so the landscape is never the same. The Severn Estuary is the second fastest tidal river in the world. The sunrises and sunsets are just spectacular. The storms are something else! The full moon has to be seen to be believed. We have cows in the fields and wild horses roam around. In the summer time, the crops are so colourful. Shame we have not had a crop circle yet, but we are hoping.....

The lighthouse is also suitable for small groups of family, friends and hen nighters. We have a waterbed and a couple of 4 poster beds, all en-suite facilities, with colour TV, and tea/coffee making. All the rooms are wedge-shaped. A stone spiral staircase takes you to the first floor where all the letting rooms are.


Other Information

The wedding packages are on our website. There are 3 types, but the best is a 2 night stay to celebrate getting married.


Booking Enquiry

Property Name

West Usk Lighthouse


St. Brides Wentloog
NP10 8SF


(01633) 810126

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